Giving Day

Nature loss is happening at an unprecedented rate. If we don't act now, whole ecosystems are in danger of collapse.

Our researchers are working tirelessly to solve the problem. Over decades, we have built up a unique body of research data to help us understand nature loss. Our goal is to find new and revolutionary solutions stop nature loss.
Every donation is an important support for research

Every donation makes a difference and helps our students and researchers find solutions to the big and small questions facing humanity. By donating to biodiversity research, you help us build a sustainable and diverse future through education and research.

Donations also enable us to make important new discoveries. More than 100 professors or other experts who work at the university are supported in whole or in part by donated funds. Every year, we distribute hundreds of thousands of euros to support our students and researchers from our endowments, in the form of scholarships and fellowships. Together with a community of more than 7 000 donors, we embody and promote the importance of research-based knowledge and solutions.

You can easily donate to research online or by bank transfer. Did you know that donations over €850 are tax-deductible? Learn more about donating.

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Help us to spread the message about the importance of stopping nature loss through research. By sharing the news about our Giving Day Campaign or biodiversity research, you can help us to reach new audiences and find more likeminded people who are passionate about this cause.

If you share anything on social media, make sure to use our hashtag #LahjoitaTanaan and tag the University.

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