Employed, grant-funded or self-funded? At the University of Helsinki, a doctoral degree may be completed through either full- or part-time study. Doctoral students may receive funding from the University of Helsinki or one of its departments, institutes or faculties, a research project, foundation, association or some other external funder. They may also fund their own studies or pursue their degree in tandem with work. About a third of all doctoral students are in an employment relationship with the University and are thus members of University staff.

There are a few salaried doctoral student positions funded by the University of Helsinki available every year. The next round of applications will be in September 2018.

The steering committee of the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences has nominated 24.11.2017 the following applicants for funded doctoral candidate positions, starting in January 2018:

Liina Junna, 4 years
Arto Kekkonen, 4 years
Anna Klimova, 4 years
Aino Koskenniemi, 4 years
Paula Merikoski, 4 years
Jenni Savonen, 4 years
Stefania Siren-Heikel, 4 years
Atte Vieno, 4 years

The programme congratulates the successful candidates and wishes to thank all applicants.