Baby in the Box is a pop-up exhibition organised by the Helsinki University Museum and Kela, detailing the history of the maternity package and the welfare state in general. The exhibition will feature the contents of maternity packages from different decades as well as other objects and photos to illustrate the efforts for the promotion of children’s wellbeing. The maternity package is a significant cultural phenomenon which has shaped Finnish society. Its direct and indirect impacts on national health and child mortality have been considerable.  The exhibition will be mounted in the University of Helsinki’s Think Corner, set to open in autumn 2017.

Carbon Cycling in Boreal Peatlands and Climate Change II – Hyytiälä revisited is an international workshop and symposium for researchers in the field of forestry and environmental research. The first symposium was organised at the Hyytiälä Forestry Field Station, part of the University of Helsinki's Department of Forest Sciences, in 1992. Arranged once more to celebrate Finland's centennial, the workshop will offer an overview of the latest research on the topic of interactions between Boreal peatlands and climate change. The event will be organised in September 2017, exactly 25 years after the original symposium.

The Excellence in Finland network and conference held in late 2017 bring together Finland’s finest to build new ways of creating expertise in Finland. Combining science, art and sports, the network works for a new kind of operational culture and model of sharing that transcends boundaries.

The foundation for the work will be laid in the accelerator workshops in autumn 2016, which will let participants find out about the philosophies, skills objectives and work of each other, and start working on the skills development questions that are common to all. The content and emerging themes of the accelerator events will be used to create the first Excellence in Finland conference intended for a wider public in late 2017. The goal is to create a permanent model in which the network will be systematically maintained and the Excellence in Finland conference arranged annually.

Finland 100 @CERN is a set of events taking place over a few days at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. The events present Finnish research, education, business, ideas and innovations from many perspectives to local institutions and CERN affiliates. A secondary purpose is to introduce the opportunities afforded by CERN to Finnish institutions. The Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP) organises the event intended for research, innovation, education and business institutions in autumn 2017.

Events and publications on the theme “The health of the one-hundred-year-old Finland” provide an overview of the development of medicine and national health. Public lectures, events, articles and videos highlight the achievements reached by scientific research and the education based on it during Finland's independence, and shows the major opportunities that may be coming. Events on the theme will be organised on the University of Helsinki’s Meilahti Campus and Think Corner during 2017.

The purpose of the Indigenous peoples’ rights with respect to their cultural heritage event intends to highlight the role of indigenous peoples in Finnish cultural heritage, discuss the future of indigenous cultural heritage and bring together experts from various fields to discuss the cultural heritage of indigenous peoples from several different perspectives.  The event brings together researchers, representatives of indigenous peoples and museums as well as NGOs and ministries. Themes include the role of women in preserving cultural heritage and languages across generations, the repatriation of cultural heritage and immaterial cultural heritage. The primary organiser of the event, to take place on November 16th and 17th at the University of Helsinki, will be the University of Helsinki's module of indigenous studies.

The jubilee seminar for Finland’s Official Government Directory will be held in summer 2017 to mark the 207th edition of the Directory. The shared history of the government of Finland and the University of Helsinki are linked to the Government Directory. The jubilee seminar, organised to celebrate the new edition, is part of the University’s Finland 100 events. Intended for everyone interested, the seminar examines the past, present and future of the Finnish state and government from the perspective of the Government Directory.

The Kirjojen Suomi (Finland through books) online library is a project to celebrate Finland’s centennial in 2017. Organised by the National Library of Finland and partners, it links to extensive literary programming produced by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) on TV, radio and online. For the project, YLE’s literary journalists have selected one book from each year of Finland’s independence. These books describe Finland’s history through literature. The goal is to evoke discussion and enthusiasm for both history and literature. The National Library has provided the online books from its own collections. The Finland through books online library will be accessible through 2017. 

The Koti Savossa (At home in Savonia) project celebrates Finland's centennial and the housing fair organised in Mikkeli in 2017.   Organised by the Mikkeli University Consortium, the lectures focus on the past, present and future of construction. 

Nature days are four days of spending time together and going into nature, celebrated in a wintry atmosphere on 4 February 2017, in spring on 20 May 2017, on a summer's night on 17 June 2017 and in the autumn, on the national Finnish Nature Day, 26 August 2017. The University of Helsinki’s Finnish Museum of Natural History Luomus celebrates Finland’s centennial and Nature days.

ProFini 2017 generates scientific and social debate on how Finland became Finland, and how Lutheranism has influenced this development. 2017 marks both the centennial of Finland’s independence and the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the reformation in Wittenberg, Germany. ProFini 2017 is a researcher network intended to respect both of these anniversaries by combining their themes in research and by evoking academic and social discussion on the topic.

European Researchers’ Night, organized on 29 September 2017, is a science event that makes science and the work of scientists familiar to audiences all over Europe. The University of Helsinki will arrange Researchers’ Night events at Think Corner, the Helsinki Observatory and the Lahti University Campus.

The Scientific research in Finland 100 years ago, today and in 100 years conference is the annual meeting of the Doctoral School in Natural Sciences, organised in 2017 to celebrate Finland's centennial. The conference provides an overview of how research in the natural sciences has developed over the past century, and what its future will be like. Aimed at researchers in the field, the event will take place in late autumn 2017.

The Equality Committee of the University of Helsinki has decided to establish a UniTube-videoseries of digital recordings called “Speaking of Equality in the University Community”. The themes of the lectures are issues related to equality, diversity and accessibility. The aim is to increase the awareness of the members of the university community about above-mentioned issues through current speeches. The lectures are not only experts in different fields, like researches, but also experienced specialists. In the autumn 2017 of the centenary of Finland’s independence the theme of the lectures is called “The Road of Finnish Woman – 100 Years of Equality”.


StarT is a new operational model launched by the LUMA Centre Finland and its partners to celebrate Finland's centennial, intended to motivate educational communities to engage in project learning which combines the sciences, arts and technology. The StarT projects will be carried out by “star teams” consisting of children and young people. The projects can involve small or more extensive studies, development of a moving toy, programming robots, game development, science theatre performances, animations or even a musical.  The star teams and good practices of educational communities will be rewarded with cash and experiential prizes at the StarT festivals organised in different parts of Finland. The best teams and communities will be invited to the national StarT gala for awards. 

Suomen kieli liikkeessä is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The University of Helsinki’s researchers of the Finnish language describe the current status of the Finnish language and its research in online lectures. The lectures provide glimpses into selected topics. The focus is strongly on the current situation of the Finnish language and related research, without neglecting history and with an eye to the future. The lectures are primarily intended for people studying Finnish abroad and as additional material for Finnish language and culture studies. The MOOC will be published in early 2017.

A good story or the boring truth? Suomi100Forum in Lahti looks to the future

The Suomi100Forum will challenge the business world, the research community and political opinion leaders to reflect on the questions most important for the future of Finland – together with the audience.

The audience will be able to both listen to the discussions in the situation rooms and participate in them. The Suomi100Forum will be organised in Lahti’s Sibelius Hall 2–3 March 2017.

The University of Helsinki is a prominent participant in the Suomi100Forum, as Chancellor Thomas Wilhelmsson is one of the challengers on Friday. The Chancellor will challenge the discussion participants and audience to consider whether trust in science and knowledge-based expertise will become Finland’s competitive edge in a talk entitled “The post-fact era – is a good story better than the boring truth?”

At Tvärminne Zoological Station Open House event you will be able to see the facilities at the station, including laboratories, boats, sampling equipment and aquaria, and to meet scientists working together at the station. We present new research instrumentation and Virtual Reality underwater videos.

The aim is to show why our coastal habitats are valuable and highlight the need for top-quality research in order to manage these environments wisely. Finland celebrates 100 years, but Tvärminne Zoological Station is even older –  we will celebrate the 115-year anniversary of the station.

Tvärminne Open House event, 16th of September, 11-17

The National Council of Women in Finland and The Council for Gender Equality in co-operation with the Equality Committee of the University of Helsinki organize 100 Acts for Gender Equality Celebration on November 10th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Great Hall of the University of Helsinki (entrance Aleksanterinkatu 5).

The program is mainly in Finnish.

Finland’s six university consortia (Lahti, Mikkeli, Seinäjoki, Pori, Kokkola and Kajaani) are celebrating the centennial of the country's independence with the 100 haastetta (100 challenges) campaign.  The university consortia conduct academic research which benefits their region, and provide teaching. During the campaign, the consortia will propose solutions and visions for the future as well as promote their expertise on social media.  #100haastetta

The 100 Years of Finnish Ecology conference provides an overview into the history of ecological research in Finland, presents the latest in ecological research and provides a networking opportunity for experts in the field. The event is organised by Oikos Finland, which aims to bring together researchers working on questions related to ecology and evolutionary biology in a conference organised every second year in Finland.  This year's conference coincides with the centennial of Finland's independence, and features a symposium organised to honour the memory of Ilkka Hanski (1953–2016), Academician of Science.