Climate change, biodiversity and sustainability transformation

To solve the climate crisis and reverse biodiversity loss, we need new ideas and fresh evidence of what is happening in the atmosphere, on the ground and throughout our ecosystem.

At the University of Helsinki, we are a forerunner of climate research, and our network of international research stations informs policy decisions worldwide. Our atmospheric particle research is world-leading, and we lead the way in Arctic science.

If you want to protect the natural world and work towards a sustainable future, the University of Helsinki is a great place to start.


Get to know our multidisciplinary research efforts

The challenges which the climate and nature are facing are complex, and so the solutions require broad-based multidisciplinary expertise.  

The research we are conducting ranges from ecology, air quality and food production to cultural, social and economic factors that have a role in climate change and biodiversity loss. 

Our research contributes to sustainability transformations of societies, and we aim to feed in scientific results for the national and international environmental and climate policy.

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Educate yourself into an expert or update your skills

In order to find solutions to the climate crisis, prevent biodiversity loss and achieve the sustainability transformation, we need more experts from a variety fields.

At the University of Helsinki, there are a variety of ways to become and expert or update your skills in this area, from studying in our degree programmes to completing courses in the Open University.

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There are many ways to collaborate with us and support our work. Whether you are a company or one of our alumni, our teams can help find a mutually beneficial opportunity for both of us. Interested? Contact us.