The Future of Education

Finland is a world leader in education. The success of our system lies in research-based policies and practice, long-term investment in equality, and in teachers – the backbone of our education system. At the University of Helsinki, we played a central role in developing this international success story and we continue to pioneer the future of education.

As a university, we are educating experts in teaching and education, while conducting multidisciplinary research into how we learn and designing an education system that works for everyone. We are pioneers in the concept of lifelong learning, believing no one should be left behind. At the University of Helsinki, we conduct research into the skills of the future: how we can learn better and how digital solutions can promote our learning. Brain research shows phenomena related to learning in a new light. Sustainable development and equality introduce pressing questions to the discussion on education, the solving of which requires research-based knowledge.

Research-based teacher education is at the heart of the Finnish school system. At the University of Helsinki, you have the opportunity to educate yourself into a specialist in education. Our teaching training practice, which trains students in the profession, is globally unique.

Students make the future, which is why courses in sustainability and entrepreneurship, among other topics, are offered to students of all fields at the University of Helsinki.

Learning belongs to everyone, regardless of age, which is why we also invest in science education and academic outreach for children and adolescents.

Highlighted research areas

Finland’s success in education lies in our strong emphasis on education research, which forms the bases of practice and policies.

In order to create the future of education, we need to conduct multidisciplinary research on human growth, development, learning and interaction.

At the University of Helsinki, our researchers are fearless pioneers, as they work across disciplines to investigate how we learn and develop new teaching methods and education policies in real life settings.

Explore our highlighted research and research groups below.

Educate yourself into an expert or update your skills

We educate experts of education, teaching and learning. At the University, you can complete an entire degree, or supplement your skills by taking different courses at a time of your choosing.

In the two-year Master’s Programme in Changing Education, you get an understanding of education as a dynamic and transformable construct from the individual neural level to global policies. You also gain the knowledge and skills to analyse, develop and influence the practices and structures of education systems, institutions, teaching and pedagogical issues.

Another option is to complete parts of the Master’s Programme in Changing Education at the Open University. In total, the Open University offers over 1,000 courses from dozens of fields.

In Finnish and Swedish, the study tracks available in education include special education, home economics, crafts, class teacher training, early childhood education teacher training as well as general education and adult education.

Support us in creating the Future of Education

We collaborate with a number of partners globally. Interested? Explore the options for collaboration and get in touch.

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