The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated to us the significance of the common health of humans, animals and the environment.

Without research, we cannot tackle global pandemics. Besides infectious diseases, our health is threatened by many other factors: diseases of the brain and mind are on the rise, while therapies for cancers and many other diseases must be increasingly personalised to be effective.

We at the University of Helsinki study our common health, precision medicine, the health of the brain and the mind, as well as public health. Through research and education, we are making sure that our health improves and that we have skilled top-level health experts who will continue to solve health-related challenges in the future.

To understand societal wellbeing, we need to understand the script of life itself. Through science and research, we generate wellbeing for humans, animals and the environment – today and tomorrow.

Coronavirus-related research can help prevent future pandemics

Our researchers have investigated the coronavirus genome through sequencing from the first case of Covid-19 and have observed the variance of the virus from one wave to the next.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the strong virological research conducted at the University of Helsinki has focused on diagnostics, patient care, molecular epidemiology and basic research. Among other things, our researchers have screened pharmaceutical agents and contributed to the development of the first Finnish coronavirus vaccine. They have also studied the transmission of the virus and investigated how it spreads. 

Research alone will help us prepare for future pandemics. Read about our research.

World-class health research at the university of helsinki

At the University of Helsinki, we study health from a range of perspectives: we conduct gene research with the help of genetic data and biobanks, we utilise artificial intelligence and other digital solutions in precision medicine, and we develop new innovations to learn more about our brain. 

Explore our health-related research, for example, at the top-level research programmes of the Faculty of Medicine. Read more about our research spearheads in neuroscience and precision medicine.

Educate yourself into a health expert

We educate experts in health at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine located on Meilahti and Viikki Campuses. Our health is also connected to biology and the environment in which we live. Studies related to the diversity of life are available at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

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