Human-centric technology

As technology becomes an increasing part of our daily lives and society, we need digital architects and leaders who understand and can navigate ethical challenges. Algorithms alone cannot solve the ethics of artificial intelligence, nor will the quantum revolution emerge from nothing.

At the University of Helsinki, we are conducting multidisciplinary research and educating the architects of our future, to help build an ethical digital world. Our research and innovation ranges from the digitalisation of society to ethical AI, and from quantum technology, to space and energy.

Highlighted research centres

Cutting edge fundamental research lays the groundwork for the application of knowledge that helps solve real-life problems and builds a fairer society. Among other things, the research we are conducting promotes the development of ethical AI solutions, supports increasingly accurate diagnostics in health care and helps clean up space debris. Read more about some of our world-class research below.

Educate yourself into an expert or update your skills

We are educating the technological experts of the future with our bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes.We also provide numerous opportunities for updating your expertise. Take a look at degree studies, Open University Courses and continuing education in, among other fields, computer science and digital humanities. We particularly recommend our selection of MOOCs, including the award winning Elements of AI and Ethics of AI courses.

Collaborate with us

There are many ways to collaborate with us and support our work. Whether you’re a company, organisation or alumni, our teams can help to find a mutually-beneficial opportunity for both of us. Interested? Contact us.

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