The University aims to develop Viikki Campus into the leading Nordic innovation and business cluster for life sciences and sustainable solutions by 2030.

Viikki Campus is a hub of teaching and research in biological sciences, agriculture and forestry, as well as pharmacy and veterinary medicine. The multidisciplinary campus invests in innovation activities and training for researchers and students. Most of the incubators in Viikki are also open to startups and innovators from outside the University.

The results of research conducted on Viikki Campus are commercialised, for example, in Business Finland’s Research-to-Business (R2B) projects, while collaboration between research and the business world is promoted through the Academy of Finland’s Flagship projects, among others. Researchers from Viikki are involved in the iCAN, GeneCellNano and ACCC Flagships.

Learn more about Viikki Campus and its operators

Learn more about the faculties and research institutions on Viikki Campus, as well as its other operators and services. In addition to the University and its research farms, Viikki is also home to Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Finnish Environment Institute, the Finnish Food Authority and Helsinki Think Company.

Viikki Innovation Platform

The Viikki Innovation Platform (VIP) enables innovation activities for researchers and students and supports a cultural change promoting innovation on campus through innovation and entrepreneurial training and a variety of events.

The goal is to create an active and sustainable innovation community, thematic incubator activities and thematic ecosystems. The activities operate on different levels, combining and pursuing collaboration with different parties locally, nationally and internationally. The long-term goal is to increase the number of high-quality inventions and startup companies.

By 2030, Viikki Campus aims to be an internationally recognised hub of world-class life science research and active innovation, as well as a preferred partner in sustainability.