In Kumpula, ideas are not left to gather dust. The wide scope of disciplines, close collaboration with businesses and the proximity of other parties on campus contribute to the emergence of research-based innovation and student-based entrepreneurship. The core of the open and creative Kumpula science community comprises researchers, students and collaboration partners operating on the campus.
Campus innovation activities

Kumpula Campus provides researchers, students and business partners with services supporting entrepreneurship and innovation. These include support for research commercialisation and invention disclosures, the development of student-driven entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills, channels for interaction between various parties, and an entrepreneurial community.

Helsinki Innovation Services supports researchers with research commercialisation and intellectual property rights, starting with the invention disclosure.

The Helsinki Incubators team organises pre-incubators and incubators for researchers and students to help them create new ideas and set up companies. The Compass pre-incubator and the Nexus incubator are linked to the research themes of Kumpula Campus.

Helsinki Think Company, housed in Exactum, is a meeting point for entrepreneurially minded University students and staff that provides work facilities and offers diverse support for the first stages of entrepreneurship. Kumpula’s own Makerspace also operates in the Think Company facilities.

Academy of Finland flagships and other research institutions at the campus