Innovation related events at Viikki campus.
Upcoming events
Viikki Innovation Platform's Cheese 'n' Wine (CnW)

Cheese 'n' Wine is an open rotating event organised on different Campuses about once a month, with brief presentations by innovative researchers, students, businesses and potential innovation funders. There is plenty of time for networking and refreshments after the presentations. Viikki has hosted CnW events on 1 June 2022 (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), on 29 September 2022 (Health and Pharmacy), 8 December 2022 (Sustainability) and 23 March 2023 (Challenges in Innovations and Entrepreneurship). Next Viikki CnW will be organised on 28 September 2023, please see the registration link and detailed agenda below.

Viikki Cheese ‘n' Wine: How to respond to global challenges through creativity and innovations?:

At 15.00-16.00 Talks

  • Welcoming words by Harriet Gullstén, Viikki Innovation Ecosystem
  • What is needed in transformation into more sustainable world? by Susanna Lehvävirta, HELSUS
  • Environmental transformation and climate change by Markku Kulmala, University of Helsinki
  • Development and maturation of solution towards innovation by Santeri Tuovila (Circulator incubator), Pedro Gensini (Biosphere incubator), Laura Forsman (Viikki Food Design Factory) and Otto Kari (PharmaHub & Viikki Business Labs)
  • Mature solution to be funded - what else is needed? by Pia Erkinheimo, Finnish Climate Fund

16.00 – 17.00 Networking and snacks

For whom?

Researchers, students, staff, companies, investors, ecosystem developers and third sector actors - basically anyone interested in science based innovations, especially in the subjects taught and researched on the Viikki Campus.

Viikki Operators' Forum (VOF)

Viikki Operators’ Forum (VOF) is an event for the Campus’ innovation operators and facilitators organised every few months for the purpose of information sharing, collaboration and discussion. The kick-off of the next VOF season will be held on 30 August 2023. 

For whom?

The Viikki Inno team, vice-deans in charge of innovations, professors, individuals involved in research institutions’ innovation activities, as well as the staff of Helsinki Innovation Services (HIS), Helsinki Think Company, Viikki Food Design Factory, PharmaHub and SPARK Finland. Please contact Harriet Gullstén if you would like to be invited to the upcoming events.