Meilahti campus hosts the University of Helsinki (including the Faculty of Medicine and HiLIFE), HUS Helsinki University Hospital, and Terkko Health Hub, offering a unique environment to foster health and pharma innovation. The innovation community at this campus includes researchers, students, clinicians and entrepreneurs, making it a very fertile ground for the development of new science-based solutions. Multiple services are also offered on campus to support inventors in their innovation journey. Such services are open to all University of Helsinki students and researchers and not only those on campus.
Innovation activity at Meilahti

Meilahti campus offers services supporting entrepreneurship and innovation for researchers, students and business partners. Activities include support towards commercialization of research and invention disclosure, the development of student-oriented entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills, opportunities to foster interaction between innovation actors, as well as an entrepreneurial community.

Helsinki Innovation Services supports researchers in their journey towards commercialization of research by assisting them from the moment they disclose their invention. They provide services related to intellectual property rights, licencing and starting a spinout company.

Helsinki Incubators, in collaboration with Health X, SPARK Finland and Health Incubator Helsinki, organize pre-incubator and incubator programs for researchers and students to support ideation and creation of science-based solutions, as well as the establishment of startup companies. These programs focus on health and pharma innovation.

Biodesign Finland, organized by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, HUS, Metropolia and Laurea, is another program linked to the Meilahti campus. Through Biodesign, selected fellows systematically identify medical needs and solve them by inventing and implementing new biomedical technologies.

Terkko Health Hub hosts Meilahti's health and life science startup community, providing a co-working space and an event venue.

Helsinki Think Company, operating in Terkko Health Hub, brings together university students and researchers interested in entrepreneurship by offering versatile support in the first stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

Major innovation actors on campus

Several organizations are present in Meilahti to support researchers and students in their innovation and entrepreneurship journeys.

Flagships and public-private partnerships