Thematic ecosystems

Builders of thematic ecosystems on Viikki Campus.
Viikki Food Design Factory

Viikki Food Design Factory (VFDF) is the first thematic ecosystem in Viikki. It has been operating since 2021. VFDF is home to new food innovation activities on Viikki Campus. It brings together food and innovation specialists and facilitates the creation of new sustainable solutions related to the primary production, processing, distribution and consumption of food.

As its name suggests, Viikki Food Design Factory is a place where new sustainable food and food system solutions are introduced to the world and developed into innovations for the benefit of people and society.


PharmaHub is Viikki’s second thematic ecosystem, affiliated with the Faculty of Pharmacy. It will launch operations in autumn 2022, and its planned services include

  1. Refining the ideas/inventions of teams (annual application round)
  2. Mentoring for companies (places available for mentors)
  3. RDI ecosystem projects
  4. Laboratory facilities (preliminary verification of the feasibility of ideas/inventions)

Contact person: Otto Kari