Incubator and entrepreneurship services

The University has thematic pre-incubator and incubator programmes on each campus. Viikki offers programmes for researchers and students related to food system, circular economy and sustainable use of natural resources.
Incubator programmes

Each campus has its own thematic incubators. Viikki houses pre-incubators and incubators focused on a sustainable food system, the bioeconomy and the circular economy.


The Biosphere incubator focuses on the bioeconomy and circular economy. The extended call for applications is open until 13 August. The programme will run from 28 August to 7 March 2024. The selected teams will receive individual guidance and material support for putting their solutions into practice.

Circulator 3.0

Circulator 3.0 is a pre-incubator for developing and putting circular economy solutions into practice. The call for Circulator 3.0 will be open from 14 August to 27 September, and the programme will run from 6 October to 30 November.


The Pre-Germinator comprises two courses and is designed for students of the University of Helsinki to help create and promote innovation related to the food system.


The Germinator is a pre-incubator for innovation at Viikki Food Design Factory, which provides facilities and equipment for experimentation, hands-on assistance and expert support for ideas enabling the transition to a more sustainable food system, as well as networks for the early stages of innovation. The Germinator is the right place to, for example, researchers who wish to commercialise their results and to startups taking their first steps.

Call for the next season of Germinator programme is closed.

Entrepreneurship services

Helsinki Think Company in Viikki provides entrepreneur services on campus. Think Company offers work spaces, guidance, workshops and programmes for developing ideas. Students can also seek funding for their business ideas through the HELSEED programme.