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Club Giraffe is a donor community hosted by the chancellor, where donors, researchers and students can meet and interact. All donors of €1,000 or more are invited to join the club. We also invite organisers of anniversary fundraising campaigns and legacy donors to join the Club.
Club Giraffe is an important part of the University community

Club Giraffe's topical discussions and science visits disseminate information about scientific innovations and the latest research results. Donors can also monitor how their donations are used and how they benefit research and studies. Members of Club Giraffe are also welcome to other topical events and get-togethers organised by the University of Helsinki.

Club Giraffe's name comes from the historical Giraffe quarter in Helsinki, where the University’s Main Building is located.

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Club Giraffe’s programme

May 4, 2022 Celebration of Grant Recipients and Donors

Thanks to the invaluable support of our donors, the University of Helsinki is able to allocate grants to students and researchers from the donated funds. This year over 320 students and researchers received a scholarship from the University of Helsinki’s scholarship funds.

Club Giraffe participated the Celebration of Grant Recipients and Donors hosted by Rector Sari Lindblom and Chancellor Kaarle Hämeri in early May 2022. It was a great pleasure to meet everyone after such a long time to celebrate students and researchers, and to thank the donors for their support. 

You can read more about the celebration in a news article about the event (in Finnish), and can also read Professor emerita Helena Ranta's speech on Truth and Chancellor emeritus, Academician Ilkka Niiniluoto's speech on Bildung.

The programme for autumn 2022 will be published at the end of summer.


Club Giraffe visits
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October 14, 2022 Our beloved Baltic Sea

In our childhood memories the Baltic Sea was clear and clean. Time has shown that nature is vulnerable and the Baltic Sea has been in a bad condition for a very long time. With the help of science, a new course of development has been set for the Baltic Sea with gradual improvements in its state. In the Club Giraffe Baltic Sea event, Kari Hyytiäinen, professor of the economics of Baltic Sea protection at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, and Afl Norkko, marine ecologist and professor at Tvärminne Zoological Station talked about topical matters regarding Baltic sea research.

April 13, 2021 Club Giraffe visited the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden virtually

Climate change is one of the great challenges of our time, and affects us all. This time, the Club Giraffe talked about how scientific research can best provide us with new information and tools to act in a changing world.

During the event, Aleksi Lehikoinen, First Curator of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, talked about what familiar bird species in our environment can tell us about the environmental impact of climate change. We also heard Aino Juslén, Director of the Finnish Museum of Natural History, talk about the importance of science education and why it is important that the latest information on climate change and loss of nature reaches not only children and young people, but also adults.

In addition to interesting speeches and discussions, the club members explored the garden's treasures in a virtual private walking tour.

Due to the coronavirus situation, the event was organized in Zoom.

Monday, 23 November 2020 Who shows flexibility in a crisis – Society, individuals or both?

In Club Giraffe’s autumn evening session on science, the discussion will centre on the capacity of individuals and societies to tolerate disruptions and crises, as well as to adapt to the circumstances following such events. This capacity for survival and adaptation as well as mental flexibility is known as resilience.

Monday, 9 November 2020 Responsible investment, the power of investors and market-based climate policies

To succeed, companies increasingly need to meet consumer demands pertaining to sustainability and responsibility. In addition, the goals associated with international climate policy pose restrictions on companies. In this competition, business life will be divided into winners and losers. What is the role of investors and investment activities in promoting the sustainability and responsibility of companies? And how can we assess whether companies are operating in a sustainable and responsible manner?

5 May 2020 Gala for donors and grant recipients

This year's event had to be cancelled, but in honour of the event, recipients of grants from the University’s donated funds sent a virtual greeting to donors. You can watch the video here.

26 March 2020 The University’s anniversary celebration

17 March 2020 Biodiversity evening

We discussed the University’s new strategy with Rector Jari Niemelä at the Club Giraffe after-party. The event has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

28 February 2020 Morning coffee for donors

Discussions focused on the matched funding campaign and responsible investment strategy.

28 November 2019 Unicorner – Official SLUSH side event at Think Corner

17 September 2019 Visit to Suviranta and Ainola, two cultural sites around Lake Tuusula

20 May 2019 Visit to Kone Foundation’s premises in Lauttasaari Manor

6 May 2019 Gala for donors and grant recipients at Think Corner

26 March 2019 The University’s anniversary celebration

17 January 2019 Visit to the New Children’s Hospital