Welcome to FIMM High content imaging and analysis unit (FIMM-HCA), a Helsinki based open access core unit with a solid experience in high-content imaging and analysis solutions. 

At FIMM-HCA, we offer a wide range of services and expertise, including:

  • Access and Assistance to High-Content Confocal Imaging: We provide open access to state-of-the-art high-content confocal imaging devices, allowing you to capture detailed, high-resolution images of your cells.
  • Versatile Imaging Capabilities: Whether you need to image a single micro-well plate, a fluorescent slide, or screen hundreds of plates under consistent conditions, our facility is equipped to meet your diverse imaging needs.
  • 3D Imaging of Cell Systems and Live Cells: Gain deeper understanding of the complex interaction between cells with our capabilities to capture 3D volumes of cell systems and live cells 
  • Laser Microdissection: Our experts are skilled in laser microdissection techniques, allowing for precise isolation and analysis of specific cell populations or structures within your samples.
  • Image Analysis Support and Platforms: We offer comprehensive image analysis support, backed by advanced software and analytical tools to help you extract meaningful data from your images.
  • Custom Solutions: Tailored to your specific research objectives, we can work with you to develop custom imaging and analysis solutions to address your unique experimental requirements.

We are working closely with our biological and computational collaborators at FIMM and worldwide. These collaborations enable us to automate our sample treatment processes (such as drug libraries, high throughput robotics) and liquid handing along with FIMM High Throughput Biomedicine unit (FIMM-HTB). We belong to Euro-Bioimaging Finnish Advanced Light Microcopy Node (FIALM), which provides access to our cutting-edge imaging technologies for international visitors. 

Our team of dedicated professionals is here to collaborate with you, ensuring that your research goals are met with the highest level of precision and quality.


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