User Policy

Access to instruments and reservations.
Access to instruments

FIMM-HCA services are open to all academic and commercial users. New academic users are required to:

  • Fill in the user access form
  • Have a meeting with the unit personnel about the project
  • Participate into mandatory 2 hours training to use the microscope
  • Do the first imaging experiment together with the unit personnel
  • Acknowledgements: If you use FIMM-HCA services, you are asked to acknowledge the unit in your publication and inform the unit after publication. Here is an example sentence: FIMM High Content Imaging and Analysis unit services were used for imaging and data analysis.

After all requirements are fulfilled, the user can gain personal access to the instruments after successfully acquired the knowledge to operate the instruments.


All users can make reservations using HiLIFE OpenIRIS. The wiki for the usage of OpenIRIS can be found here. University of Helsinki users can login with internal user details. All reservations need to define the setup for either RT or live cell imaging in +37 C. Reservations are liable for confirmation by FIMM-HCA personnel.

For further information, please contact the unit personnel (