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Electron Microscopy Unit is a research laboratory and a central core facility in the Institute of Biotechnology.  We provide guidance for selecting suitable techniques, specimen preparation and  training for the use of microscopes. More advanced techniques are usually provided through research collaboration. 

We belong to the Biocenter Finland Biological imaging network, and provide nationwide technology services on advanced electron microscopy techniques. We belong to Euro-BioImaging Advanced Light Microcopy Finnish Node.

Due to corona outbreak, EMBI functions with limited capacity through out the summer. Sample preparation services can be requested by sending e-mail to embi-staff@helsinki.fi. Microscopes can be reserved via OpenIris electronic reservation system. 

Please note the following practices to safe use of our facilities:

  • Only one person / microscope room is allowed and 2 meter distance between persons has to be maintained at all time.  However, we can give short troubleshooting sessions and solve acute technical problems. Training for new users can be provided in special cases only, and will require use of at least level ffp2 filtering face masks.
  • Break room is reserved for EMBI staff only.
  • Everyone must be mindful of good hand hygiene by carefully washing their hands or, if that​ is impossible, using hand sanitiser.​ 
  • Equipment in shared use must be cleaned before and after use.​