Services and tools

Services we provide.
High-content microscopy

We provide access and assistance with a top-notch high-content confocal imaging device. Our expertise ranges from imaging a single micro-well plate or fluorescent slide to screening hundreds of plates under the same conditions, as well as imaging 3D volumes of cell systems and live cells. Additionally, we offer the capability of laser microdissection for precise isolation of specific cells or regions within your samples. We are happy to guide our users throughout the whole process, but it is also possible to individually operate our machines after gaining the required expertise.

Data management and analysis

We provide three levels of services regarding data handling

Data storage

Data is safely stored in FIMM local storage. Basic fee covers 6 months data storage that can be extended with additional fee. Data can also be accessed by a web-based interface to the PerkinElmer Columbus database upon request.

Data analysis with commercial software

We provide primary access to software delivered with the imaging devices (Harmony, Columbus) and access to software for 2 and 3D image discovery (such as Harmony 4.9 and SCT BIAS).

Custom solutions

We are happy to collaborate on more demanding image analysis tasks. Our primary expertise includes image preprocessing (illumination correction), image segmentation, statistical analysis, and machine learning.

Tools developed in-house include: