Information on fees when booking the instruments in the HILIFE OpenIRIS project management system
PerkinElmer Opera Phenix & Molecular Devices ImageXpress Nano

Instrument booking fee includes only the usage of the microscope and the storage of the data for 6 months in FIMM servers. Minimum 1 hour is charged and the pricing varies with internal UH customers and external academics.

Imaging service fee covers the personnel costs for assisted use of the microscope. The fee is in addition to the instrument booking fee. Image analysis service is fully covered by the imaging service fee unless separately agreed upon in the service agreement.

Internal academic service pricing as presented on the invoice:

Service or product Type Price á €
Microscope reservation per h *Microscope reservation* 22
Imaging and/or analysis service per h *Imaging and/or analysis service* 32

Commercial, external academic and Euro-Bioimaging users are asked to contact the unit (antti.hassinen@fimm.fi) to discuss about the project and the price estimation.

Well plates for imaging can also be sold via the unit for preliminary screening purposes. Contact the unit (antti.hassinen@fimm.fi) for availability and pricing information.

Discounts are considered for large-scale projects and overnight live imaging sessions (between 8pm and 8am) that have considerable idle time between imaging time points. Contact the unit (antti.hassinen@fimm.fi) regarding large-scale projects.