Microbial Domain Biological Resource Centre HAMBI

HAMBI Culture Collection is a resource of living microorganisms for teaching, research and applications. The collection consists of microorganisms from different groups e.g. archaea, bacteria, cyanobacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi and viruses. A great deal of the cultures originates from the unique nature of Finland.


HAMBI’s services are deposition, delivery and identification of certain groups of microbial strains.


HAMBI has three sub-collections: HAMBI/BAC of archaea, bacteria, yeasts and viruses; HAMBI/UHCC of cyanobacteria and HAMBI/FBCC of filamentous fungi


HAMBI delivers microbial strains for all acceptable purposes. HAMBI on-line database is open for anyone to browse.

User fees

All prices are exclusive of value added tax.

Freeze-dried culture per ampoule:

  • For Master's works of departments of the University of Helsinki, staff of Microbiology dept.: free of charge (max 10 strains)
  • For departments of the University of Helsinki 30 €
  • For other institutions 60 €

Active culture (cyanobacteria or fungi) on request.

Mailing fee per 1–5 strains (packing, priority mail): EU/non–EU 30/50 €

By courier (FedEx) per 1–5 strains, EU/non–EU 50/85 €

Transport of strains belonging to biohazard group 2, always by courier.

Public deposit (pure culture, lyophilizable, mailed to us), free of charge in the limits of our resources.

Safe Deposit, preservation of strain and first year of storage 250 €. Annual maintenance fee 50 €.

Phenotypic or genotypic characterisation on request.


Deposition of strains: The depositor accepts the terms and conditions of the deposition agreement. Detailed information see HAMBI web pages.

Delivery of strains: HAMBI delivers strains according to the clauses of the HAMBI MTA.


Director of HAMBI: prof. Kaarina Sivonen; kaarina.sivonen(at)helsinki.fi.

Deposition and delivery of strains: Pekka Oivanen; pekka.oivanen(at)Helsinki.fi