Luomus Genomic Resources Collection

The aim of the Genomic Resources Collections is to bank and store samples for research purposes.

The GRC includes the following sample types:

  • DNA-extracts (genomic preparations) produced in the course of research projects and deposited for potential further use by the scientific community
  • animal tissues (or whole organisms) stored deep frozen, to serve as a source of future DNA extractions (and potentially other investigations)
  • high-quality whole-genome DNA preparations


LUOMUS Genomic Resources Collection services include sample processing and quality control, deposition and delivery.


Currently, the Genomic Resources Collections include DNA extracts of insects and other invertebrates, lichens and vascular plants of worldwide origin. Animal tissue samples are available of birds, mammals and fish, mainly for species occurring in Finland.

The GRC samples are stored in deepfreezer conditions optimal for long-term storage.


The GRC follows the general collection policy of Luomus. The GRC policy was published in 2020. It follows the general policies and standards of the Global Genome Biodiversity Network organization (GGBN).

The Theme page at FinBIF for Luomus’ Genomic Resources Collections describes the sample loan procedure, and instructions on how to browse for the available DNA and / or Tissue samples, or specifically for taxonomic groupings organized as taxonomic datasets.

For loan of GRC samples a Material Transfer Agreement document is established between the supplier (LUOMUS GRC) and the recipient institution (researcher). The MTA document defines the ownership of the material and regulates the use of the loaned samples. The outgoing GRC sample loans are granted based on scientific evaluation of the project.

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User fees

Presently there are no fees, postage or handling costs for facilitating GRC loans, however this may change in the near future.


Dr. Gunilla Ståhls-Mäkelä; (DNA samples)