HUBCRI serves numerous fields, e.g., systematics, evolution, evo-devo, ecology, palaeo-ecology, biogeography, conservation biology, microbiology, biotechnology, plant breeding, and archaeology. Services include physical access to collections, specimen loans, provision of research material, open data through the portal, digitisation on demand, and laboratory facilities.
Open species data

The Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility (FinBIF) provides open access to species data through the portal

Access to collections

The Luomus zoological, botanical and palaeontological collections are open for scientific research. Contact curators for the access to the collections.

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Specimen loans

The specimens can be loaned for scientific research. Contact curators for the loans.

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Digitisation on demand

Luomus has digitisation equipment for zoological and botanical samples and provides digitisation on demand.

Contact Luomus Zoological collections or Luomus botanical collections.

Laboratory facilities

The Luomus DNA laboratory facility is providing bench space and equipment for efficient application of molecular genetic markers in studies of systematics, biogeography, and conservation biology.

Microbial strains

HAMBI’s services are deposition, delivery and identification of certain groups of microbial strains.