Viikki Campus

Viikin kampus

The multidisciplinary Viikki Campus is located in the geographical centre of Helsinki, and has served as a campus area since 1946. The Viikki Campus is a hub of teaching and research in the biosciences, agriculture and forestry, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine. The Viikki Campus employs nearly 1,900 people and has more than 6,000 students.

In addition to the University’s units, the campus area hosts several government research institutions with which the University cooperates. The University of Helsinki’s esteemed Viikki Teacher Training School as well as Helsinki Think Company are also integral parts of life and work on campus.

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Location and instructions

The Viikki Campus on a map

Viikki is well connected to public transportation.  Use the HSL Journey Planner to plot your way there.

Research and teaching

The Viikki Campus houses four faculties and two independent research institutes. Of the Viikki faculties, the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences as well as the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry have a total of five research stations around Finland.

The Viikki Campus also provides excellent opportunities for multidisciplinary research. In addition to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, Viikki houses a teaching and research farm for agricultural sciences with extensive grounds that are popular as recreational areas among the local populace.

The collections of the Viikki Campus Library at the Korona Information Centre feature a wide range of literature pertaining to the campus’s areas of research.

Faculties and units at the Viikki Campus

Government research institutes and schools


Services on the Viikki Campus

Admission and student services at Viikki

  • Are you interested in studying at the University of Helsinki’s Viikki Campus? Find out more from Admission Services.
  • Viikki Student Services provides assistance to students of all units on the Viikki Campus. For contact details, see the Student Services website.

Cafeterias and restaurants at Viikki

UniCafe cafeterias:

  • UniCafe Biokeskus (Biocentre 1, Viikinkaari 9)
  • UniCafe Korona (Korona Information Centre, Viikinkaari 11)
  • UniCafe Viikuna (Building EE, Agnes Sjöbergin katu 2)

Other restaurants:

Helsinki City Library

Viikki Library in the service.