Luomus Zoological Collections

The LUOMUS Zoological collections is a resource of scientific animal specimens and national animal monitoring schemes data for research, teaching, and applications.

The collection includes ca. 10 million specimens, of which ca. 45 000 type specimens. The collections are global in coverage, and the collections grow annually by ca. 50 000 samples due to research activities and donations. The monitoring data includes millions of observations, the amount increasing by ca. 300 000 observations annually.


The services of the Zoological collections are preparation, deposition, digitisation and loans of scientific animal specimens. Digitisation, focus stacking photography, and structured light 3D scanning on request. The services of the animal monitoring schemes are coordination of monitoring schemes and digitisation of observations.

Expert assessments on animal population changes and trends based on long-term monitoring data are available on request.


The scientific animal specimen collections and animal monitoring data. The collections also has focus stacking photography and state-of-the-art microscope equipment, digitization lineage, bone maceration unit, structured light 3D-scanner, and zoological library.


The Zoological collections follows the general collection policy of LUOMUS, the data policy for digitised data and the monitoring and survey policy.

User fees

The specimen loan and short-term visit services are offered free of charge, as is customary among natural history collection institutions.

The digital data is available free of charge at (license mostly used CC BY 4.0)

A fee covering the immediate costs of identifications and expert opinions or reports and extraction of the animal monitoring data for commercial or non-research purposes is charged. 200 e/hour, minimum 1 hour.

Digitisation, focus stacking photography, and structured light 3D scanning, and expert assessments based on long-term monitoring on request based on case-by-case cost calculation.