Bergen 2022
Bergen Workshop: Current opportunities in public archaeology research - Uses and Users of the Data

This workshop explores specifically the public archaeology and engagement aspects of the data generated by metal detectorists. How are finds databases used? Is there a difference between how professionals and the public use finds databases and archaeological finds? How is this interaction shaped by collection management policies? Do potential and current archaeological citizen scientists find that the resources and applications available to them are fit for purposes? What are their own goals for contributing data to archaeological heritage management organizations? And finally, who is a citizen scientist?  Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Gabriel Moshenska, University College London.

The workshop will take place on 6-7th of October 2022 in the meeting room of the Bergen University Museum – Natural History (Muséplassen 3, Bergen, Norway). You can best access the meeting room from the entrance of Café Christie (Godt Brød) facing the Botanical Garden.

The workshop is coordinated by Prof Anna Wessman (University Museum of Bergen).

The workshop is free of charge on either or both days, but we hope that attendants register beforehand. The event will not be streamed but the talks will be recorded and linked here afterwards.

Update 20th September 2022: Registration is now closed as we have reached the maximum number of registrations possible for the venue.

THURSDAY 6th OCTOBER 10.00-15.30

10:00    Registration

10:15    Welcome

10:30    Keynote lecture Gabriel Moshenska (University College London, UK): Treasure hunters in folklore and fiction (online talk)

11:30    Caroline Fredriksen (NTNU University Museum, Norway): The potential and limitations of Norwegian metal detected assemblages.

12:00    Lunch break (Café Christie, Natural History Museum)

13:15    Erik Rønning Johansen (Norwegian Metal-detecting Association): Metal detector users want good cooperation to take care of the invisible cultural heritage for the future.

13:45    Frida Ehrnsten & Eljas Oksanen (National Museum of Finland & University of Helsinki): Who owns the coins? The importance of creating a portal for numismatic data and coin finds in Finland.

14:15  Andres Dobat (University of Aarhus, Denmark): Making data matter: challenges and opportunities of detector finds as research data in a citizen science context.

14:45-  Discussion

FRIDAY 7th OCTOBER 10.00-15.30

10:00    Registration

10:15    Welcome

10:30    Nybjörn Gustafsson (Riksantikvarieämbetet, Visby, Sweden): A Groundhog Day of cultural heritage communication – on public metal-detecting in Sweden (online talk)

11:00    Irmelin Axelsen (Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo, Norway): Collaboration and communication between hobby metal detectorists and archaeologists in Norway (online talk) CANCELLED

11:30    Pieterjan Deckers (Vrije Universiteit Brussels, Belgium): All the single ladies? Thoughts on collecting and analyzing metalwork data from diverse sources.

12:00    Lunch break (Café Christie, Natural History Museum)

13:15    Kjetil Skare (Innlandet County Council, Norway): Cooperation Between Detectorists and Archaeologists in Innlandet County, Norway – and How It is Changing the Local Archaeology.

13:45    Adam Daubney (Independent researcher, UK): Afterlife of Private Collections.

14.15    Taneli Leinonen (University of Turku, Finland): How do I do it? - A few examples of the logic of a metal detectorist.

14:45-   Discussion