Bergen 2022
Bergen Workshop: Current opportunities in public archaeology research - Uses and Users of the Data

This workshop explores specifically the public archaeology and engagement aspects of the data generated by metal detectorists. How are finds databases used? Is there a difference between how professionals and the public use finds databases and archaeological finds? How is this interaction shaped by collection management policies? Do potential and current archaeological citizen scientists find that the resources and applications available to them are fit for purposes? What are their own goals for contributing data to archaeological heritage management organizations? And finally, who is a citizen scientist?  Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Gabriel Moshenska, University College London.

The workshop will take place 6-7th October 2022 at the University Museum of Bergen (Haakon Sheteligs plass 10), Norway, coordinated by Associate Prof Anna Wessman and Prof Gitte Hansen (University Museum of Bergen).

Further information will be published closer to the event date.