Helsinki 2022

Helsinki Workshop: Future directions in audience engagement for heritage management organizations

This workshop focuses on the heritage management authorities, considering their recognition of the need to enhance engagement with metal-detectorists and other interested members of the public, in the context of the Faro convention in particular. This workshop answers questions including why outreach from heritage organizations and the academy is important (such as what are the goals of doing this?); how to work participation into heritage management operations, and where do common ground and disagreements about participation occur. For example, what if the community (in this case detectorists) have different values or don’t want to follow e.g. best practices? What if they are not homogeneous and have different perspectives?

The workshop will take place 2-3rd June 2022 in Helsinki, Finland, coordinated by Dr Eljas Oksanen (University of Helsinki, Finland) and Prof Suzie Thomas (University of Antwerp, Belgium).

This event will take place at Hall 230, AURORA,  Siltavuorenpenger 10, 00170 Helsinki, Finland.

Registration is now closed. It is possible to register to attend free of charge on either or both days. The event is also live streamed online. Queries can be sent to event's email address public.finds at

Remote participation is via Zoom with the link send on Wednesday 1st. If you register after 12 noon EET on Wednesday 1st June and plan to attend remotely, please additionally send a notification email to public.finds at, to make sure that we notice your registration.


All times are EET.

Thursday 2nd June 10.00-15.30

10:00    Coffee
10:20    Welcome
10:30    Suzie Thomas (University of Antwerp)
              From Treasure Hunters to Citizen Scientists: metal-detecting and archaeological heritage in the Nordic region Slides Recording (including Welcome)
11:00    Agnes Stefánsdóttir (The Cultural Heritage Agency of Iceland)
              Issues regarding metal detecting in Iceland. The heritage management point of view Slides Recording
11:30    Anne-Kathrine Kjerulff (Danefae / National Museum of Denmark)
              Passion and profession - balancing co-creation and administration Slides Recording
12:00    Lunch break
13:30    Marcus Smith (Riksantikvarieämbetet, Sweden)
              Linked Open Heritage Data in Sweden: SOCH & SweDigArch Slides Recording
14:00    Tuuli Kurisoo (Tallinn University, Estonia)
              Ten years since regulating the use of metal-detectors in Estonia: lessons learned Slides Recording including Day 1 Discussion
14:30-   Discussion

Friday 3rd June 10.00-15.30

10:00    Coffee
10:20    Welcome
10:30    Pirjo Hamari (Finnish Heritage Agency)
              Metal-detecting, citizen science and the protection of archaeological heritage in Finland –
              In the crossroads of different practices
Slides Recording
11:00    Anna Wessman (University Museum of Bergen, Norway)
              This Belongs in a Museum! Collaborating with Norwegian metal-detectorists Slides Recording
11:30    Keith Westcott (Institute of Detectorists, UK)
             Creating a research and educational institute of detectorists Slides Recording
12:00    Lunch break
13:30    Lasse Nyman (Suomen Metallinetsijät ry / Finnish Metal Detecting Association, Finland)
              Co-operation with archaeologists and other authorities: the metal detectorists' point of view Slides Recording
14:00    Line Maj-Britt Højberg Bjerg (National Museum of Denmark)
              Co-creating the past – Treasure trove where you least expect it  Slides Recording including Day 2 Discussion
14:30-   Discussion


Programme updated 30.05.2022