Open university: Philosophy Studies

Some of the studies from Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy are offered as open university studies to anyone interested in the subject. You can study individual courses.

The aim of philosophy studies is to introduce the student to human thinking and knowledge about it, to provide systematic information about philosophy as an independent discipline and its special fields, and to practice philosophical analysis and argumentation.

Philosophy focuses on the most fundamental questions. What can we know, and how? What is the structure of reality? Can we study it through the sciences alone, or do we also need pure reason? Are our moral concepts based on the world, or do we project them there ourselves? What is a good society like? Can our consciousness be explained purely by physics?

By studying philosophy, you get, if not definitive answers, at least the opportunity and a systematic method to study such questions.

Individual courses in Philosophy

At the Open University, you can study individual courses in Bachelor´s and Master´s programme in Philosophy. During the academic year 2023-2024, they will be organized as joint teaching with the degree studies in philosophy, i.e. open university students will participate in the same teaching as degree students. Co-teaching groups have a limited number of participants and teaching can also take place during the day.

Individual courses The courses may have requirements for previous studies. More information and registration on the course page. Courses may vary from year to year.
Instructions and guidance for your studies

You can find important information regarding your studies on the Instructions for Students website.

For new students: Familiarize yourself with the student checklist, where you can find a collection of practical information and instructions.

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Studies organised before autumn 2023

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