Open uni: Area and Cultural Studies

Some of the studies from Master's program in Area and Cultural Studies are offered as open university studies to anyone interested in the subject. You can study individual courses.

Would you like to learn about world cultures, religions, societies and their history?

Area and Cultural Studies combine interdisciplinary regional, cultural and social studies. An important principle is to bring together experts from different regions to reflect on key thematic issues from different perspectives.

Individual courses in Area and Cultural Studies

You can study individual courses. Courses may vary from year to year.

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Area and Cultural Studies Study individual courses.
Aasian Studies Study individual courses.
Environmental humanities Study individual courses.
European Cultural Studies Study individual courses.
Latin American Studies During the academic year 2023-2024, study several courses in Latin American Studies. Most of the courses will be taught in English. Open university students take courses organised by the programme together with graduate students.
M. Eastern Islamic Study individual courses
North America Study individual courses.
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Studies organised before autumn 2023

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