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Some of the studies in the Master's program in Gender Studies are offered as open university studies to anyone interested in the subject.

Gender and sexuality often structure our daily lives imperceptibly. Discussions about women and men, femininity and masculinity, gender roles and the related perceptions of equality take place both privately and in various media. Issues also arise in social debates.

In gender studies, issues are addressed through research and analysis. The studies provide an overview of the background, starting points and theories of gender research, as well as the approaches and achievements to date. The studies also examine the changing society from the multidisciplinary approach of gender research and identify and study various inequalities in culture and working life.

Study modules and individual courses in Gender studies

There are some individual thematic courses available in English in Gender studies. The courses are bachelor's degree studies in Gender studies, which may also have substitutability for Master's degree studies. Courses may vary from year to year.

Courses in Gender Studies See below the courses organised at Open University.

The Open University's study offer may from time to time include courses that are also suitable for studies in the Master's program in Gender Studies or other degree programs. These studies are often multidisciplinary and may be organized by another master's program. Courses may vary from year to year.

Courses suitable for master's studies The following courses are also suitable for Master's studies in gender studies.
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