Open University studies by degree programme
The Open University offers courses from the University of Helsinki’s degree programmes, spanning dozens of different fields. There are no age restrictions, and courses begin throughout the year. 

Browse the full course catalogue of each degree programme by clicking the link "Read more". All courses in summer 2022 are listed also on page Open University: Summer studies.

Open University courses are free of charge for the citizens of Ukraine. Further information: Open University courses free of charge for the citizens of Ukraine

Open University studies by Bachelor's Programme

Courses corresponding to bachelor’s degree programmes are for the first-cycle (bachelor’s) stage of studies. Most bachelor’s level studies are available to all with no previous education in the field.

Open University studies by Master's Programme

Courses corresponding to master’s degree programmes are for the second-cycle (master’s) stage. For the master’s level, students must usually have some knowledge or prior studies in the field of the programme or an adjacent field. The course page will indicate whether any prior studies are required for the course.   

Becoming a student

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