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Computer science analyses the algorithmic processes that describe and transform information as well as their automation with the tools of information technology. The extensive field of research in computer science encompasses everything from programming, databases and data networks to artificial intelligence and scientific computing. New applications continuously provide new opportunities for both research and employment.

Together with the University of Helsinki's Department of Computer Science, we offer many high-quality, open courses in English.

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Computer science courses by topic

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Are you new to computer science? Get familiar with the courses in this tab first.

Basics Courses available in English:

These courses are suitable to those who aspire to become or already are software development professionals. You should know the basics of computer science before taking these courses. 

Available courses in English:

DevOps DevOps = development of software + operations. The release, configuring, and monitoring of software in the hands of the very people who develop it. On the courses, you will become familiar with various DevOps tools and practice using them.
Full Stack It used to be more common for developers to specialize in one layer of the stack, for example the backend. Technologies on the backend and the frontend were quite different. With the Full stack trend, it has become common for developers to be proficient on all layers of the application (browser + server) and the database. Full stack developers must also often have enough configuration and administration skills to operate their application, for example, in the cloud. The courses will introduce you to modern JavaScript-based web development and you will learn to use various tools.
Full Stack Web Development Project In addition to the Full Stack courses, you can also complete a related project (the number of credits depends on the hours spent on the project):
Test-Driven Development Get started with Test-Driven Development (TDD): an iterative programming technique that encourages you to design code so that it is testable.

In this free and open online course series you will learn the basics about artificial intelligence and machine learning. The more advanced courses of the module provide techniques for implementing AI systems.

The Elements of AI course is a good place to start as it requires no computer science experience. 

AI and data science Courses available in English:

Cyber Security Base a free course series by University of Helsinki in collaboration with F-Secure Cyber Security Academy that focuses on building core knowledge and abilities related to the work of a cyber security professional.

Cyber Security Base Courses available in English:

Under this tab you'll find a few courses related to algorithms and operating systems. 

Algorithms and operating systems Courses available in English:
Artificial intelligence courses
Computer science courses by level

The courses at the University of Helsinki are offered on three levels: Basic, Intermediate or Subject and Advanced.

Browse our computer science courses sorted by level.

The courses under this tab are basic studies level. 

Basic Courses available in English:

The courses under this tab are intermediate / subject studies level. 

Intermediate / Subject studies Courses available in English:

The courses under this tab are advanced studies level. 

Advanced Courses available in English:

The courses under this tab are not a part of basic, subject or advanced studies.

Others Courses available in English:
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