Welcome to Mikko's Phylogeny Archive. This is my private archive of various phylogenetic trees. Although many groups of modern organisms are already taxonomically or descriptionally well treated in the Web, there are still some gaping holes left, especially when treating extinct organisms. This site aims to fill some of those holes. In current form [2013-02-14] it holds nearly 6,000 pages, most of them cladograms (phylogenetic trees) or taxonomic listings. More...

Last update 2013-02-14.

Well, well, well... Either I'm waking up from the extended hibernation, or something highly interesting has come up!!
And something interesting has indeed appeared. This quick update has been done for just to add the recent phylogeny of Eutherian mammals by O'Leary et al.,
Which is making quite a rattle in the paleomammalogist section of the net. Some of you might consider that I'm jumping to the O'Leary et al.,-wagon too soon,
but only time (and new analysis) will tell how much of their results will stand the testing and reviewing.

I am also still making rather heavy revisions to the arthropod-section of the Archive which I had already started in the previous update.
Arthropod pages of the Archive have been left in the dark far too long by my lack of interest in the group.
I'm now trying to do it right and bring them to the 2010's by adding updated material from both literature and other websites.



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Taksonomiaan perusteet
FT Jyrki Muonan erinomainen johdatus taksonomian, systematiikan ja fylogenian perusteisiin Luonnontieteellisen keskusmuseon sivuilla.


Explanation of phylogenetic systematics in the Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia.


Ecologically important(?) meteor craters
– These craters are selected, because the impacts that created them, have presumably had important ecological effects, both locally and globally.


Geological timetables
– One of the key elements in understanding of the phylogeny and evolution of organisms, is the understanding their age and longevity. [Finnish version / suomenkielinen]


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