Reproduction services

The Department of Production Animal Medicine operating in the Saari Clinic employs veterinarians specialised in the reproduction of domestic animals, whose expertise and equipment are also available to the hospital. This enables the clinic to provide special breeding services for domestic animals.

The Animal Reproduction Science Group provides clinical veterinary services at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Mäntsälä.  These services include farm problem surveys and both the treatment of and consultation on individual problems.  

The hospital treats mares and stallions suffering from reproductive problems and inseminates mares. In addition, stallion semen is frozen and frozen semen inseminations are conducted. Embryo flushing and embryo transfers are also performed.

The Production Animal Hospital has a permit for conducting equine artificial insemination activities, which include inseminations, semen collection and examination. The permit covers also semen freezing and frozen semen inseminations. The Production Animal Hospital is registered as an export station of equine semen (Directive 92/65/EEC). The Production Animal Hospital also has an embryo transfer permit.