Farm visits

Our mobile clinic in the Saari Clinic makes house calls to farms in nearby areas. In addition, we make healthcare farm visits to cowsheds, piggeries as well as goat and sheep farms. Our clinic also treats horses and we do stable visits at nearby stables. We perform about 2,100 farm visits annually.

Work at the clinic starts with a phone-in time from 8.00 to 9.00. This time is used to book farm visits for the same and coming days as well as booking appointments to the clinic. In the morning our customers may also ask for results of laboratory tests taken the previous day and receive instructions for further measures or medications.

At about 10.00 our veterinarians and a group of students go on regular sick visits or healthcare visits. Inflammation of the udder, milk fever, sudden loss of appetite or birthing problems are among the most common causes of need for emergency treatment among cows. Other less urgent conditions treated during farm visits include mild inflammations of an udder, fertility issues, problems related to cloven hoofs, calf polling and loss of appetite.

Our most common duties at stables include vaccination, teeth floating, treatment of cuts and pre-purchase examinations. In summer the examination of brood mares and insemination are typical reasons for a visit. We will refer horses requiring treatment in a clinic, such as serious cases of horse colic, for treatment at the Equine hospital in Helsinki.

As a rule, we do not treat small animals during farm visits. The aim is to treat them at our clinic by appointment.