Support research and teaching at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is the only veterinary hospital for all animal species in Finland, and an important learning environment for all veterinarians graduating in Finland. If also provides professional further education and training. The latest research-based knowledge is applied in patient care, making clinical data an important part of research. By making a donation, you can support the operations of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital in many ways.
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Support research

Thanks to donations, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine can invest in, for example, state-of-the-art research equipment, including at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Fit-for-purpose and modern research equipment and environments promote research, teaching and the care of animal patients. Research can also be supported by donating to research in general, or by allocating your donation to a specific field. The Faculty and research groups decide on the use of donated funds in a way that best promotes the desired field of research, such as small animals, production animals or horses.Read more about donation opportunities and making a gift.

Examples of donations to research include a donation to acquire a new X-ray device for the Equine Hospital and an equipment donation to ophthalmology by Pekka Sarkanen, an alum of the University. Donations made in connection with the University’s Giving Day campaign in 2020 were used to support the diagnostic imaging unit of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital by purchasing two new computer screens to be utilised in both interpreting clinical images and research. 

Support for teaching at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Every year, hundreds of students from different year groups pursue their bachelor’s studies in veterinary medicine at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. In the fifth year, the entire group of 70 students study in accordance with a predetermined rotation in different units of the hospital throughout the year, including emergency services as part of clinic training. In the fourth year, students can start serving in on-call duties at the Small Animal Hospital, while first- and second-year students can contribute to the intensive care of foals in an optional course in the spring. Studying and learning are supported by committed specialist teachers. In fact, teaching and learning at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital can be supported directly by targeting donations at, for example, a specific teaching position in one of the research and teaching fields of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

A permanent legacy through bequests

Many people drafting or planning their wills are interested in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Wills can be drawn up to leave funds to research and teaching in a field of interest to the author of the will: they can be directed to the study of production animals, horses and small animals – or allocated even more specifically in accordance with personal interests. We are happy to share more information on the options with those interested in making a bequest. Information on wills and bequests has been compiled on the University website. 

Money collection licence

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the University of Helsinki is part of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. All donations are used for duties defined under section 2 of the Universities Act: teaching, research and public engagement. Information on the University’s money collection licence is available on the donation website.