Hospital activities

The Production Animal Hospital has a patient ward, where production animals can be admitted for an examination to find out the cause of an illness or, for example, for surgery.

The most common patients include dairy cows, calves and sheep, but the hospital also treats suckler cows, goats, miniature pigs and alpacas. Many of the hospital patients come from the hospital's operating area but patients are referred for surgeries and other procedures from hundreds of kilometres away.

The most common surgeries performed at the hospital include cows’ abomasum surgeries and calves’ navel surgeries. Some caesarean sections and foreign body surgeries are also performed at the hospital. Calves’ and heifers’ limb fractures are also a common cause of hospital treatment. The hospital also admits patients whose treatment is difficult or impossible to implement at their home farm. These cases include severe inflammations or neurological diseases.

The hospital has its own animal trailer, but patients arriving from far away and acute on-call patients usually arrive at the hospital by their own means.