Saari Clinic Services

The Saari Clinic of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides basic veterinary services and on-call veterinarian services for all animal species as well as special services for production animals. We are located in Mäntsälä at Leissantie 41, 04920 Saarentaus.

You must call ahead of your arrival at emergency services at the Production Animal Hospital. Since the majority of patients are treated on farms, the veterinarian on call is not usually at the hospital. During on-call hours, the veterinarian on duty at the Production Animal Hospital provides care to all animals, large and small, in the region. Care provision is based on urgency, which is why delays of several hours are possible.

Our mobile clinic treats illnesses of production animals on nearby farms, and we will make farm visits to cowsheds, piggeries, stables as well as goat and sheep farms, but we can also make visits outside of our own practice region. We will also treat horses at the hospital as outpatient visits. Special services related to reproduction are available for all domestic animals.

We accept production animals as inpatients, mostly bovines and small ruminants. Our hospital also treats, for example, alpacas and miniature pigs. The clinic also has a laboratory for performing milk, manure and the most common blood tests.