Instructions for students

Arriving to the station

If your course begins right after breakfast (klo 8.00-9.00) it is a good idea to come a day early and stay the night. Accommodation is in two person rooms in the student dormitory.

Accommodation instructions can be found on the bulletin board in the student dormitory’s A-wing. Your teacher will give you the door code!

The dormitory has showers for each hallway, sinks in each room and a clothes washing machine (B-wing downstairs). The student dormitory also has a social room with kitchen facilities that students are welcome to use.

  • Students are responsible for doing their own dishes immediately after each meal and keeping this area tidy.
  • Wireless internet (eduroam and uniguest) is available in the dormitories and main building of the Station.
  • The lakeside sauna is available for students to use twice a week (usually Monday and Thursday).

Pets and visitors

  • Pets are not allowed in the student dormitory.
  • If you have visitors while you are at the Station have them contact the front office before they come so that we can arrange their accommodation and meals.

What to take along?

  • Please be sure to take along your own bed sheets, duvet cover, pillow case and towel. Sleeping bags are not permitted!
  • Remember to check your course guidelines for what other supplies you need specific to your course.

2020 prices

The cost of full room and board is 16.49 €/day for University of Helsinki students (this price includes the state support deduction of 1.94 €). See pricing.

  • This includes accommodation and three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Meal times.
  • Coffee is not included in the price but, it can be paid for separately before you leave.
  • If your course starts on Monday morning and you need to come on Sunday evening, this night is included in the full board cost.
  • Payments are made at the Station’s front office usually on the last two days of the course (cash, debit or credit card: Visa, Visa Electron, Master Card).
  • Usually courses are not held on the weekend. However, it is possible to stay over at the Station if you would like (6.15 € per night). Usually the cafeteria is not open on the weekends.

Special dietary needs

If you have special dietary needs be sure to inform the kitchen staff at:


If you have been accepted into a course, but must cancel, it is very important to directly inform the Station as well as the professor of your course. If we do not receive your cancellation you will be charged one day of full room and board (18,43 €).

Take note! The prices above apply only to courses arranged by the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and when the student will pay him/herself.