Leisure activities

Our research station is the perfect setting for leisure and recreation. You can participate in a range of social and physical activities while taking in the beautiful scenery. Go for a walk or hike in nature, or enjoy summer and winter pursuits in the station surroundings. Lammi has something for the whole family!
Nature and science trails

The station has a 1.8-kilometre nature trail and a 2-kilometre science trail twisting through local forests. Inaugurated in 2016, the science trail is an interactive way to explore the station forests and the Lake Pääjärvi shoreline. The nature trail takes visitors through the deciduous and spruce forests surrounding the station.

Evo Hiking Area

Evo Hiking Area, located 20 kilometres north of Lammi Biological Station, is the largest contiguous forest area in Southern Finland. With its excellent opportunities for hiking, cross-country skiing and nature-watching, Evo is definitely worth a visit.

Evo is located above its surroundings in a watershed area known for abundant small lakes and ponds and low-nutrient soil. The landscape of rolling terrain was shaped by the Ice Age. Evo is also home to many interesting mammal species including the occasional lynx. Although the lynx is an elusive animal, its footprints may be visible, especially in soft snow. Other fascinating mammals to be spotted in the area include the North American beaver and the Siberian flying squirrel.

Recreational pursuits

Get active outdoors at Lammi Biological Station! Experience the beautiful landscape and discover the diverse trails and routes. Explore the station surroundings by bicycle, embark on an excursion to study the area, plunge for a swim in a lake whatever the season, or relax in the sauna. Borrow a rowing boat or canoe and glide along the calm waters of local lakes at your own pace. The station lends bicycles, rowing boats and canoes.

In addition, you can fish in several nearby lakes. The Lammi Biological Station surroundings are an ideal destination for wildlife and nature activities. Embrace the unique scenery and enjoy a range of physical and recreational activities. For a fishing permit, see the Federation of Finnish Fisheries Associations Ahvennet website.

If staying at the station for longer periods, find out more about the leisure services available in Lammi and the City of Hämeenlinna.