Unique products

Explore the varying selection in our office . Available is a small selection of products, including adorable plushies, postcards and interesting literature in the field. Come and find the perfect gift or a unique souvenir from your visit to the station. The products can be purchased through card payments at the station gift shop.

Grab a popular T-shirt, available in a range of colours. The illustration depicts motifs familiar from the Lammi area.

Tea towel

Decorate your kitchen with tea towels adorned with pleasant images of local biodiversity. Lynx, blue tit, newt, beaver, common roach, aspen, wind flower, longhorn beetle and small algae bring the enchantment of nature close to the user. The artwork, designed by illustrator Emma Hagman to celebrate Lammi’s 70th anniversary, will remain available in the future. Treat yourself or choose a gift that combines beauty and practicality.

Lynx hike map

A lynx hike experience – Explore the terrain with the help of a map. A map with the scale of 1:25,000 printed on water-resistant material.

In addition to topographic details, the two-sided map includes routes and other hiking services, as well as picnic areas and accommodation locations. A total of 10 sights or experiences have been marked on the map, including brief Finnish- and English-language descriptions on the margin. The map also includes information on magnetic declination. The scale of the map is well suited for hiking in southern Finland at 1:25,000 (1 cm on the map = 250 m on the terrain).