Our halls of residence can accommodate 150 people, and the station boasts an excellent cafeteria.
Halls of residence

The largest hall of residence is for the students, with a maximum capacity of 92. It includes a large common room, two kitchens, a fireplace and two saunas.

The student hall of residence has mostly twin rooms, but single rooms with a bathroom are also available on the upper floor.

The student hall of residence also includes a large room with a fireplace – a common room – equipped with two kitchenettes, which makes it an ideal space for large groups to spend an evening together. Catering is also available for this space.

Long-term residence

Our smaller accommodation facilities, the Piikala and Herrala halls, usually host our longest-term visitors, teachers, and seminar organisers. The accommodation options range from twin rooms  to apartments with two bedrooms and a living room. Both halls include a kitchen and a common room. Piikala also has a sauna.

Evo cabin

The biological station owns a little idyllic cabin located in Evo for summer use.

Amenities: The cabin has electricity, a gas range and a gas fridge, but no running water. 

It includes a lakeside sauna.

The cabin is available for rent and makes an excellent base for fieldwork conducted in the Evo region. 

The cabin is located close to the address Opistontie 60, Hämeenlinna.