Innovations lab

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The i3e-lab is a reseach & developement laboratory serving all HiLIFE funded research stations (RESTAT UHEL). The main focus is to scaffold and support research and the stations' societal interactions. We make innovations for Ecology, Environment & Education. i3e-lab consists of three units: Content Production Unit (CPU), Reseach & Development (R&D) and Teaching and Societal Interactions (TSI).


Robotit ja dronet ovat tutkimuksen tätä päivää | Helsingin yliopisto

i3e-lab presented by the University's own science journal (in finnish).

Fireplace at LBS

i3e-lab orginized a sfm-photogrammetry workshop at LBS 23-24.4. Animated model of the stations fireplace.


ROV testing continued in marine environment at Tvärminne Zoological Station

ROV tests at LBS

After assembling the RESTAT UHEL Bluerov2 we made some tests by the pool and in the lake.