Services at the research stations

The University of Helsinki research stations offer research infrastructures for fieldwork and teaching in many different disciplines. Some of the research stations also offer laboratory services. The Tvärminne, Lammi, Kilpisjärvi and Hyytiälä research stations operate all year round.

Apart from catering to researchers, the stations also provide venues for seminars and courses as well as accommodation services.

Laboratory services at the research stations

The Tvärminne and Lammi stations offer a wide range of laboratory services and analytical equipment to researchers. Both stations have laboratory staff that produce analyses.

The Kilpisjärvi and Hyytiälä stations offer laboratory facilities and equipment for basic analyses and sample preparation.

Further details about the equipment at the different research stations can be found on each station’s own pages.

Please contact the research station well in advance if planning to carry out laboratory work on site.


Most of the University’s research stations offer short- and long-term accommodation.

The stations that operate all year round offer accommodation in rooms that meet modern standards, along with catering services. Single rooms and family rooms are also available on request.

Pets are allowed in some of the rooms.

The rooms feature wired or wireless access to the internet.

The accommodation building and some of the rooms have small kitchens with a basic set of kitchen utensils and dishes for guests.

Further details about the equipment in the rooms as well as the price lists can be found on each station’s own pages.

At all of the research stations, guests have access to at least one sauna.

Seminars and courses

Those research stations that are open throughout the year offer an ideal setting for various kinds of seminars and courses.

They feature modern lecture and seminar rooms that can be booked for events. Accommodation is also available to seminar and course participants. The station’s staff can help with the arrangements.

All of the University of Helsinki research stations are located in a unique environment, representing aspects characteristic of Finnish nature and environment.

In other words, when you organise a seminar at one of our research stations, you get more than just a seminar room. You also get to experience Finnish nature at its best.

You can directly contact the research station where you would like to organise your seminar or course.


The research stations’ price lists for University of Helsinki staff are available on each station’s own pages. There is some variation in the prices for different stations because of differences in service levels and regional requirements.

We kindly ask that the staff of other universities as well as other customers directly contact the station whose services they would like to use.

Guidelines for using the research station services

The research stations provide services to researchers and everyone else. The customers are prioritized by the "first-come-first-serve" principle.

The usage of our research stations' services are subject to a charge and they must be reserved in advance. The reservation policies vary a little between the stations. Read more on the stations' own websites and contact the station office or personnel.

When planning larger research projects or activities, one should always contact the station personnel to confirm the availability of resources.

We welcome other university departments as well as non-university institutions and private citizens to rent the research stations' facilities, e.g. for workshops and seminars.

Further information is available on each station's home page

You can find further details about the services, price list and contact information for each research station on the station’s own home page.