Social benefits for students

Financial aid for students

Open University studies are usually considered a part-time pursuit, which means that you cannot receive financial aid or other benefits or discounts normally available to students. However, if you hold the right to complete a degree at a Finnish university and are completing studies included in that degree, you may receive student financial aid. More information about financial aid in website of Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela).

Independent study for jobseekers

Jobseekers can study full time or, under certain conditions, part time. Before registering for studies, please contact your local TE Office, which decides on unemployment benefits. More information about independent study in TE office website.

Adult education subsidy

You can apply for an adult education subsidy (also known as an adult education allowance) for Open University studies that constitute further or continuous vocational education. Qualifications for the subsidy include employment for at least eight years, an employment contract of at least one year with a current employer, and study leave. More information about the adult education subsidy in the website of the Employment Fund.