Open online courses or MOOCs
A MOOC is your gateway to the most interesting contents at a top university. Study according to your schedule!  

The acronym stands for Massive Open Online Course.  MOOCs are open online courses which can accommodate an unlimited number of participants. MOOCs are typically available for a specific period (e.g., one academic term or year), during which students can participate in the course flexibly according to their own schedule.  

This page features all MOOCs currently offered by the University of Helsinki.  



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To take a MOOC, start by logging in to the online learning environment of the course. The study fee for the Open University will usually only be required if you want credits to be registered for your completed course. More information about study practices is available in the Instructions for Students: MOOCs

Open online courses in artificial intelligence

Would you like to learn more about artificial intelligence and how it will affect us in the future?

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