Open online courses or MOOCs

A MOOC is your gateway to the most interesting contents at a top university. Study according to your schedule!  

The acronym MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. MOOCs are open online courses which can accommodate an unlimited number of participants. MOOCs are typically available for a specific period (e.g., one academic term or year), during which students can participate in the course flexibly according to their own schedule.  

This page features all MOOCs currently offered by the University of Helsinki. 


MOOC-courses 2023-2024

To take a MOOC, start by logging in to the online learning environment of the course. The study fee for the open university will usually only be required if you want credits to be registered for your completed course. More information about study practices is available in the Instructions for Students: MOOCs

New! Uncover Finnish Education 3 cr

Become familiar with the key features of the Finnish education system, as well as with the current development directions. 


Computer science for everyone
Programming is creative work, like art. Technical skills, a concrete goal and creative thinking all come together in creating code. Anything can be born out of nothing. It’s particularly rewarding to create something that really works.
How to get started

You usually begin studying a MOOC by logging into the online learning environment. You can find the necessary instructions on the course page of each MOOC.

You can participate in a MOOC free of charge. You will pay the Open University enrollment fee once you wish to have your course completion (credits) recorded in the University of Helsinki’s student information system. Some MOOCs are completely free of charge.

The Instructions for students page has more information on enrollment and study practices.

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