Summer courses at the open university

You can find your own path, strenghten your skills or realise your dreams at the open university - also in summer 2024! 
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The open university provides University of Helsinki's courses for everyone interested in them. The courses are organized online, at the University of Helsinki and in co-operation with other educational institutions. Summer courses will be offered from early May to the end of August.


Enrolment and study fees
  • The enrolment for open university studies takes place online one course at the time.
  • NB! If you are a degree student of the University of Helsinki, start the enrolling in Sisu by adding the course to your study plan. 
  • The time of the enrolment is informed on the course page.
  • The study fee is paid online at the same time with the enrolment.
  • The study fee is 15 euros per credit. There are also courses free of charge.
  • The enrolment is always binding. 
Information for the degree students of the University of Helsinki

In most cases*, the summer courses are free of charge for attending bachelor’s and master’s students of the University of Helsinki. 

*) In the following cases, the degree students must also pay the study fee:

  • If the course has a certain quota for degree students, and it is already fullfilled
  • If you wish to participate in an open university course in order to raise the grade of previously completed studies. Before enrolment, please contact  
  • If the course is organized in co-operation with another educational organization.
Open university studies on the academic year 2024-2025

In case you want to plan your studying even further, browse the preliminary information about upcoming courses for the academic year 2024-2025!