Introductory courses

Take a peek at the University of Helsinki with an introductory course!

Introductory courses have a scope of one or two credits, and they let you explore the University of Helsinki’s various fields and university studies in general.  

The courses welcome everyone who is interested in the topic. 

Many of the introductory courses are also MOOCs, online courses available to everyone.

Introductory courses

introductory courses are particularly suitable for upper secondary school students who are considering their future studies.

The course catalogue of the open university features also other courses that are suitable for upper secondary school students and vocational students. You can find them in the course catalogue.

Instructions and guidance for your studies

You can find important information regarding your studies on the Instructions for Students website.

For new students: Familiarize yourself with the student checklist, where you can find a collection of practical information and instructions.

In case you cannot find an answer to your question, please get in touch!

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