How are studies evaluated?

It is important for your learning process to know what the central goals, modes of completion and evaluation criteria of a course are.

The goals and modes of completion of courses can be found in the study programmes. You will receive detailed information on the goals, modes of completion and evaluation of the course during the first session or, for online studies, in the study programme. If the goals and evaluation criteria are unclear, please ask your teacher.

The teacher for the course will determine the course evaluation criteria. You may contact the teacher if you wish to discuss your grade. The courses will be either graded pass/fail/incomplete or given a numerical grade on a scale of 0 to 5.

0 = fail
1 = passable
2 = satisfactory
3 = good
4 = very good
5 = excellent

The grade for the study module will be calculated based on the grades for the relevant courses. This calculation varies from subject to subject. Most typically, the overall grade is the average of the grades for the relevant courses, weighted by the number of credits.  
Appeals against the grading of completed studies
Plagiarism and cheating