Can I register for just one course? Will you bill me or how shall I pay the study fee?

Yes, you can register for just one course. Several modules can be completed one course at a time.

The study fee is payable online upon registration. If you must pay the fee in cash, please contact Student Services.

Should I reserve a place in the course?

You should definitely reserve a place in the course. Many changes can occur, particularly if there is still some time until the course begins. If a place becomes available, you will be notified by email. The email message will ask you to confirm your acceptance of the study place within a couple of days. If you do not confirm it, your place will go to the next person on the reserve list.

I registered for a module, but must I also register for each individual course?

Registering for a module covers all the courses included in the module. If the module has optional studies, separate registration may be required. In this case, the process will be explained in the study programme.

How do I get the username for Helsinki University?

User accounts for the University of Helsinki IT systems are created automatically while registrating to a course. The user account is for the duration of one’s studies and can be used to log into University of Helsinki data systems requiring identification. The University of Helsinki username is usually based on the user's last name. You have to activate your account before the beginning of your studies.
More information about the username

I do not have an online banking ID. How can I obtain a user account?

Go to the office of the University of Helsinki account services with proof of identity. The validity of collected accounts will not be automatically extended when you begin new studies. You must extend the validity of your account using the extension form.

I received a message from the account system telling me that I already have a user account. Why?

You have previously studied at the Open University, and an account was created for you at the time. You can now reactivate that account. If the password associated with the account has expired or you cannot remember your username (based on your name), you can access the information via the password change service.

University of Helsinki undergraduate students and staff should use their valid user account. University of Helsinki graduates should activate their previous username.

I used to be an undergraduate student at the University of Helsinki. Can I get my old username back?

If you were an undergraduate student in or after 2000, you can reclaim your previous username. When you activate your account, the system will recognise you and offer you your old username. You must change the initial password.

I am currently activating my user account, and the proposed username is based on my previous last name. Why?

The username associated with your user account is based on your name in the official University of Helsinki student register. Your name was entered into the student register in connection with your previous studies. A change of name can be made in the student register only on the basis of information on the student’s ID card or in the population information system.

If you already activated your user account based on your previous last name, the name associated with the account can be changed, but the format of the account itself will remain the same.

How can I change my last name associated with a user account?
You can change the name associated with your user account, but please note that the username will remain the same. The new name will be updated within a few days

Why and how to update name changes


Can you tell me where the teaching rooms and examination rooms of the courses are announced?

Teaching rooms will be in the study programmes. The locations for examinations vary and are not specified in the study programme. Always confirm the examination room in advance. Examination rooms in Helsinki

The registration system will not process my registration for an examination. Why is this?

Make sure your registration is not late. The system will not process registrations after the deadline.

If you are registering on time, and you are still experiencing difficulty, please contact the examination service.

I have registered for an examination, but cannot attend. What shall I do?

You can cancel your examination registration on My pages up to three days before the examination. In some disciplines, you can choose your examination date from several options available. In such cases if you cancel your registration, the registration will not count towards the maximum number of examination attempts permitted.

The fee for the course or study module covers examinations specified in the study programme.
Terms of registration and payment

Where/how can I find out what grades I received for examinations and assignments?

The results of learning assignments and examinations are posted on WebOodi (use your Helsinki University username to log in).

Always check the results, and contact if the information has not been entered into WebOodi within 6 weeks of the official completion date.

Information about partially completed examinations or assignments can be viewed in the learning environment or under Completions and results on My pages.

Can I submit my assignment or other written work as soon as it is completed or must I wait until the submission date?

You can submit your assignment as soon as it is completed. Teacher will start the evaluation from the official submission date.

What is “the track”? Can I become a university undergraduate student through the Open University?

You can apply to become a university student based on studies completed at the Open University. The faculties decide how many courses you must complete before you can apply to study through the Open University track. There may be other criteria in addition to completed studies (such as grades).

The requirements are listed by faculty. The right to study for a degree will not be granted automatically. The matter will be decided upon by the faculty or department of the university. Faculties and departments decide on the quota and requirements for student admissions through the Open University track on a yearly basis.

What can I do if I do not have a printer at home and I do not want to print my assignments at a web cafe?

Copiers are available for student use at The Helsinki University Library. Read more: printing, copying and scanning at Helsinki University Library.

If you have a Helsinki University user account, you can also use the workstations intended for University students as well as the AD home directory.

How can I request a certificate/transcript of studies?

You can request a transcript of studies from Student Services. Transcripts from the Student Register are official documents and serve as certificates of completed studies.

Should you need a separate accompanying letter to the transcript of studies (e.g. for your employer), you may request one from your discipline-specific student affairs secretary.
Information on certificates and study transcripts

Where can I find my student number?

You can check your student number in WebOodi. Log in with your University of Helsinki username.