If the Moodle platform is used in a course, a University of Helsinki user account is needed to log in to Moodle. The address and course key for the Moodle course site are available on the course programme (click: Moodle)

NB! You cannot access the Moodle learning environment unless you provide your email address when activating your account.

During their studies, Open University students can use WebOodi to access information about their studies and to request an unofficial transcript. Students may also order notifications of completed studies to their email address. WebOodi-instructions

If you want to use your own laptop computer in the University facilities, you may connect to the University network through the open HUPnet network or Eduroam.

Wireless connections at the university

You can use the workstations intended for University students as well as the home directory. You can access the home directory only during your studies and must save all files for yourself in another location or on portable media by the end of your studies. Files saved in the home directory will be deleted once your studies end.

The University of Helsinki user accounts created for Open University students do not include a print quota. You can use a copy card to print material from workstations.

A wiki is a website produced through online collaboration which users can supplement and edit with their browser.

Some courses involve wiki-based group assignments. Please use your user account to log on to the University's wiki (Login with a Helsinki University account).

University of Helsinki wiki

By activating your account, you gain access to a University of Helsinki email address (helsinki.fi) and an Office 365 account.

  • NB! All e-mails concerning your studies will be sent to this address. If you do not wish to use the helsinki.fi email, you can redirect your email to another address.
  • Log in to your Microsoft Office services and helsinki.fi email: www.helsinki.fi/office 365: username(at)ad.helsinki.fi
  • If you do not wish to use the helsinki.fi email, you can redirect your email to another address. 
    Instructions for redirecting email from Office 365
  • Your user account and email address will be valid for ten weeks after the expiry of your right to study.
  • If you wish to use a University of Helsinki user account which has been previously granted to you, but does not include O365 services (the services have been available since 16 February 2017), contact Helpdesk